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Clinton Global Initiative -- overheard

September 27, 2007

"Afghanistan is the place for business -- risk is everywhere but the returns are great." (Hamid Karzai, president, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)Quotemarks

"We need to invest in people -- peace doesn't come from the barrel of a gun." (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, president, Republic of the Phillippines)

"To paraphrase an old African proverb: If you want to travel quickly, travel alone; if you want to travel far, travel together. When it comes to climate change, we have to travel far, quickly." (former Vice President Al Gore)

"We need to be courageous, and we need to aim high." (Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, CEO, Masdar, Abu Dhabi Future Energy Co.)

"This week in New York City we're particularly aware of global warming as the Mets melt down." (former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw)

"The president is taking global warming very seriously....He knows the seriousness of the problem, he knows it needs to be solved globally...and he knows the U.S. has to take a leadership role." (Hank M. Paulson, Secretary of the U.S. Treasury)

"Africa contributed nothing to global warming; Africa is going to suffer disproportionately from global warming;...Africa deserves the right to sell carbon credits to the developed world." (Meles Zenawi, prime minister, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia)

"Just as the rest of the world is beginning to open up, we [the U.S.] are starting to close ourselves off." (Fareed Zakaria, editor, Newsweek International)

"Our position [with respect to climate change] is a case of putting our mouth where our money was." (Jacques Aigrain, CEO, Swiss Re)

-- Mitch Nauffts

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Posted by Metsfan  |   September 27, 2007 at 04:03 PM

Et tu, Brokaw?

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