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Three, two, one...liftoff

September 10, 2007

Okay, it's not exactly a moonshot, but we're pretty excited about the launch of our new blog, PhilanTopic. For those who don't know, Philanthropy News Digest is an online service of the New York City-based Foundation Center, the nation's leading authority on philanthropy. We've been publishing PND, online and as an e-newsletter, since 1996, and this blog is our latest effort to provide quality content and useful services to our readers.

We envision PhilanTopic as an interactive platform for a broad range of opinion and commentary from foundation staff, nonprofit practitioners, and those who simply enjoy a good debate -- and we hope, in short order, to have a lineup of six to ten regular contributors. We also welcome guest contributors. If you have a question or are interested in becoming a contributor (regular or otherwise), drop me a line. I can be reached, via e-mail, at, or, by phone, at 212.807.2433.

-- Mitch Nauffts

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Posted by Albert Ruesga  |   September 17, 2007 at 02:41 PM

Congratulations, Mitch, on your launch. One quick question: How did you choose the blogs that would appear on your blog roll?

Posted by Mitch Nauffts  |   September 18, 2007 at 10:48 AM

Hi Albert --

Thanks for the comment. With respect to the blog roll, we're looking to link to philanthropy-related blogs that are updated on a regular basis and, as a group, offer a diverse range of opinion. White Courtesy Telephone was on the list originally and then dropped off the list when I neglected to reset the default for no. of links allowed from 10 to a higher number. I finally realized my mistake and changed the setting so that the bottom quarter of the list (alphabetically speaking) once again is showing up.

We'll be adding more sites over the coming weeks. If I you've got any suggestions, feel free to drop me a line. Thanks.

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