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The Year in Review

January 03, 2008

Apologies for the lack of posts the last week or two. The end-of-year/holiday season is a busy time -- for all of us. We'll be back to a more regular schedule soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that PND's year-end wrap is live. Here's how we framed the issue in our intro:

Philanthropically speaking, it would have been difficult for 2007 to top 2006. The latter opened with New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region struggling to get back on their feet after the one-two combination delivered by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Then in June, legendary investor Warren Buffett announced that he planned to give the bulk of his fortune, some $31 billion, to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, already the country’s largest.

But while it may have been quieter than the year that preceded it, 2007 was not without its important developments and signal achievements. From the growing interest in pressing global challenges such as climate change and poverty alleviation, to the development and increased acceptance of alternative forms of giving, to a renewed focus on impact and effectiveness, 2007 demonstrated once again that philanthropy, at its best, is about generosity, compassion, and the desire to create a better world for ourselves and the generations to follow.

As the year comes to a close, the editors of PND honor that spirit while looking back at some of the important philanthropic stories and personalities of 2007.

And this is what we identified as the year's top "stories":

  1. Impact, Effectiveness Top Foundation Agendas
  2. Hurricane Katrina, Two Years Later
  3. Philanthropy and Climate Change
  4. International Development Paradigms Re-Examined
  5. Internal Revenue Service Revamps Form 990
  6. The Changing Landscape of Philanthropy
  7. Noteworthy Gifts
  8. People in the News
  9. 2008: Preview of the Year Ahead

Obviously, ours is a subjective selection and arrangement of events. So how'd we do? Did we get it right, or close to right? If not, what did we miss? What will 2007 be remembered for, philanthropically speaking? And what do you think 2008 will bring?

We'd love to hear you thoughts.

-- Mitch Nauffts

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Posted by TS Gordon  |   January 04, 2008 at 11:32 AM

Dear Mitch;

In October, I embarked on a plan to do a student documentary film on the conditions that persist in New Orleans, titled: "504- disconnected."

Following a trip over the Thanksgiving holiday, (a time when I was sure to capture a community spirit of giving,) I am now faced with the task of packaging a proposal to some potential donors...

Here, you've mentioned one guy who clearly understand the essential ingredients of my plan. It poses to engage students from numerous Universities in an online exchange of images and audio tracks, with the general understanding that we are -all- trying to do something to help those afflicted by this disaster.

Anyone interested in the devistation and in supporting the homeless in New Orleans should check-out the stills I've posted at http://redlineav.com/indexlexia5.html

TS Gordon, Photographer
Little Rock

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