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Quote of the Day (January 1, 2009)

January 01, 2009

Quotemarks"Apart from 'cleaning up Dodge', so to speak, and from issues of collective character-and conscience-in-office, I worry that the avalanche of troubles already ongoing will overwhelm Mr. Obama and his people. It's also well worth worrying whether they will pursue policies similar in kind to the ones pursued by Bush, namely throwing money at everything and anything, and it sure looks like they are planning to do just that. I am especially concerned about an 'infrastructure stimulus' project aimed at highway improvement at the expense of public transit. This would be the epitome of a campaign to sustain the unsustainable. We need to begin planning right away for a transition away from automobiles, not in order to be good socialists but because Happy Motoring is at the core of our unsustainability trap. The car system is going to fail in manifold ways whether we like it or not, and it will fail due to circumstances already underway. For one thing, it will cease to be democratic as the remnants of the middle class find it impossible to get car loans, or pay for fuel, or insurance, and that will set in motion a very impressive politics-of-grievance setting apart those who are still able to enjoy motoring and those who have been foreclosed from it. Contrary to what you might make of the current situation in the oil markets, we are in for a heap of trouble with both the price and supply of petroleum. And there is no chance in hell that any techno rescue remedy to keep all the cars running by other means will materialize...."

-- James Kunstler, curmudgeon, author (The Long Emergency, The Geography of Nowhere)

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Posted by Scott Rooks  |   January 02, 2009 at 01:09 PM

The world as we know it will continue to operate but those that haven't embraced change will instead destruct. Change is always at the center of were we go and what we do.

President Elect Obama has embraced change and he changed the way we elect the highest office in our land. Just the same it doesn't mean he can change and turn around years of destruction.

Sure maybe the auto industry goes down in flames but the people in that industry will be forced to accept change which is the catalyst for a better life. They will find the road to that life through struggles and change.

2009 will surely be competitive in all sorts of ways but we will survive and live a better life because of the struggle.

I have had years of struggles and I find myself reinventing my life once more but I embrace that change and will continue down a path that I am preparing myself for so that my family and I are happy!

Be Blessed!

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