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NY Times 2010 'Giving' Section

November 12, 2010

NY_Times_logo Each year, the paper of record delights us with a whole section devoted to charitable giving and philanthropy. The 2010 edition of the Times' "Giving" section was published yesterday, and as we did in 2008 (but not in '09), here's a rundown of what you may have missed.

(Special thanks to Reilly Kiernan for putting this roundup together.)

Pledge to Give Away Fortunes Stirs Debate (Stephanie Strom)
Discusses the implications of the "Giving Pledge" campaign launched earlier this year by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates. Forty American billionaires have pledged to give away at least half their fortunes to charity, but the campaign has not escaped the scrutiny of critics.

The Special Pain of a Slow Disaster (Lydia Polgreen)
Looks at why "slow-moving disasters" like this summer's epic flooding in Pakistan frequently command less attention from the international aid community than quick-strike disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

Giving a Gift and Getting a Return (Jan M. Rosen)
Lays out the issues related to charitable gift annuities and explains why such arrangements aren't right for everyone.

In Case of Disaster, Carriers Stand Ready to Airlift Aid (Ken Belson)
Looks at how for-profit shipping carriers and airlines use in-kind donations to bolster emergency relief efforts. In recent years, U.S. airlines have delivered aid supplies to countries and regions as far fling as Chile, Haiti, and the Gulf Coast -- all for free.

Young Activists Practice Their Pitches for Nonprofits (John Hanc)
Looks at a recent social enterprise “boot camp” facilitated by Dosomething.org in which participants were taught basic business skills like how to hone their elevator pitch.

As Millions Seek Work, an Overhaul in Retraining (Catherine Rampell)
Skills for America’s Future, a new Obama administration initiative, seeks to emulate the best practices of programs that have succeeded in preparing low-income people to enter or (re)-enter the labor market.

Boston Museum Grows by Casting a Wide Net (Judith H. Dobrzynski)
Explores how the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston raised an unprecedented $504 million in cash donations and $165 million in art over the course of a seven-year campaign -- in part by wooing donors from beyond the Boston area.

Fly-Fishing Group Offers an Escape From the Hospital (Dave Caldwell)
A different kind of cancer support group, Casting for Recovery, uses fly fishing to help cancer patients come to terms with their illness.

As Donors Retrench, Challenges for Universities (Geraldine Fabrikant)
With giving to Universities and colleges having dropped 11.9 percent in 2009 and economic recovery on a slow track to nowhere, university fundraisers are scrambling to adapt tried-and-true tactics to a changed environment.

Pooling Small Contributions, Hoping for Big Results (John Hanc)
Uses anecdotes to demonstrate how creative organizations such as Small Can Be Big use social networking tools to aggregate small donations and create big impact.

Online Giving, One Person at a Time (Farhad Manjoo)
Looks at some of the approaches nonprofits are using to turn their followers and friends on social network channels into donors.

Nike Harnesses 'Girl Effect' Again (Stuart Elliott)
An updated look at Nike’s "Girl Effect" cause marketing campaign, which leverages the brand’s global reach to shine a light on issues facing girls and young women in the developing world.

Charities Wrestle With Tax Uncertainty (David Cay Johnston)
Uncertainty about potential changes in the tax code -- including the return of the estate tax -- are forcing charities to come up with new ways to solicit endowment gifts.

Helping Veterans Find Civilian Jobs (Elizabeth Olson)
A look at how corporations have provided funding for computer, green tech, and healthcare training programs designed to help veterans re-enter the workforce.

Putting Star Power Behind Good Works (Stephanie Strom)
When it comes to their favorite charitable causes, mega-stars like Sean Penn and Brad Pitt are going beyond lip service and truly walking the talk.

For Autistic Children, Therapy on Four Legs (Karen Jones)
Discusses the benefits for children with autism of regular visits from therapy dogs.

Foundations With a Limited Life (Deborah L. Jacobs)
Looks at some of the reasons why a growing number of wealthy families and individuals have decided to establish foundations with a limited lifespan.

Looking for a Job? Try a Nonprofit (Phyllis Korkki)
Talks about the recent spike in hiring at nonprofits and the growing number of positions that require a new media and tech skill set.

Disclosure Runs into 140 Character Limits (Deborah L. Jacobs)
Suggests that new technologies can pose problems for nonprofits seeking to fully disclose the details of their fundraising campaigns and initiatives.

-- Reilly Kiernan

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