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Weekend Link Roundup (June 2-3, 2012)

June 03, 2012

Our weekly roundup of new and noteworthy posts from and about the nonprofit sector....


In a guest post on the Getting Attention blog, Kimberlee Roth shares eight tips for nonprofit communicators interested in conducting "better interviews and accurately captur[ing] the most compelling stories."


NCRP's Kevin Laskowski commends the D5 coalition of philanthropic organizations working to make philanthropy more diverse, equitable, and inclusive for "creating some urgency by...focusing philanthropic attention" with its recently released State of the Work report. But Laskowski goes on to ask, "What's taking so long?" "Foundations are supposed to be turn-on-a-dime social innovators," writes Laskowski. "Unencumbered by the pressures of bottom lines and ballots, they can provide much-needed sources of flexible, catalytic capital to communities in need around some of the biggest issues of our time. And yet, here we are at the confluence of issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, wealth, power, and community, and the pace of foundation movement is simply geological...."


Responding to news that the Los Angeles Times was awarded $1 million from the New York City-based Ford Foundation to expand its coverage of neglected beats, Peter Osnos, writing in the Atlantic, wonders whether the grant represents a larger trend of foundations "supporting newspapers as they move increasingly towards digital delivery." If so, writes Osnos, "then the prospects for traditional news could take a turn for the better."


On her About.com blog, Joanne Fritz has a few suggestions for nonprofit professionals looking to hone their skills this summer.


In the third installment of a promised six-part series, Center for Effective Philanthropy president Phil Buchanan urges those who work in the social sector to embrace the term "nonprofit," because, as Buchanan writes, "in describing what it isn’t, the sector differentiates itself in a fundamental and important way...."

Social Media

Networked Nonprofit co-author Allison Fine waxes nostalgic about life before the Facebook IPO, when social networking was "free and open and easy to use -- and fun...."

Fine's co-author, Beth Kanter, explains that while social networking has become commonplace in the nonprofit sector, "the competency of having a networked mindset [still] is developing." Kanter goes on to share six takeaways from a recent Packard Foundation report, Ideas Into Action: Reflecting on Three Years of Building Network Effectiveness (44 pages, PDF).


New York Times reporter Kelly Slivka discusses how scientists are using crowdfunding platforms to raise money for research projects on her Green blog. Through the #SciFund Challenge, for example, "any interested scientist with a feasible project and a fundraising goal can sign up." In fact, more than $75,000 was raised by forty-nine participants during the first challenge, which ran from November 1 to December 15.

On the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation's blog, Ben Wirz, director of business consulting at the foundation, writes that audience measurement technology "creates a real opportunity for publishers to better understand their audience and approach brands directly, thereby boosting their digital ad revenue." Knight is investing in Umbel, which "does this by correlating audience social information (Facebook, Twitter, Flurry, etc) with Web analytics (Google Analytics, Omniture, etc.) and other data to create anonymized, rich user profiles."

That's it for now. What did we miss? Drop us a line at rnm@foundationcenter.org. And have a great week!

--The Editors

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