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April 01, 2014

March was another busy month here at PhilanTopic, as readers responded enthusiastically to Laura Callanan's four-part series on social sector leadership, our usual weekend offerings (including a great infographic about millennial myths), and new posts by Gabriel Kasper/Justin Marcoux, Dr. Anand Parekh, and others.

It looks like spring has finally sprung, and we've got lots of great content planned for the month ahead, so don't be a stranger. In the meantime, here's a chance to catch up on some of the things you may have missed....

What have you read/watched/listened to over the last month that made you think, surprised you, or caused you to scratch your head? Share your finds in the comments section below....

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Posted by Claudio Teri  |   April 01, 2014 at 12:55 PM

my name is Claudio Teri and I am the CEO of DrSocial ltd. My company owns the website drsocial.org that collects and displays doctor reviews with a reputation control management system.
I must confess I didn't know PND until a few days ago and since then I am surfing the site and get a lot of inspiration for my own business.
When my partners and I started DrSocial we wanted to deliver the best quality reviews and also a sustainable tool for the healthcare system. We understood that the only way for doing this was breaking the existing laws of internet. When a new website is launched all efforts are focused on getting traffic, sign ups and engagement and a lot of money is spent for various campaigns.
Our first question was: do we want to give all our money to Google, Facebook, Yahooin order to grow? The answer was: no! We wanted our resources to be given to medical research and non profit hospitals.
The next question that we had to answer was: how can a new start up (free for everyone, therefore no monetization) grow, become leader in the doctor review market and donate most of its resources to medical research? This question took a bit longer to find an answer but we did find it. We contact non profit associations and in exchange of placing our link on their website, we donate $1 for every sign up coming from the link. Simple as that. Our partners know that they can get great potential funding on a continuous stream. Please check our first 1 year agreement with Colon Cancer Alliance: http://www.ccalliance.org/help/shop_services.html
I really hope that all startuppers dealing with healthcare apps and websites will follow our strategy as I believe that we all have to do our best and take into account the chance of adding a donation tool to our business processes.
Modern society still sees gifts and donations only as an act of charity, while I am trying to make donations part of our regular life and business. I do understand that some internet companies selling traffic will decrease their revenues, but hey, these revenues are turning into funds to develop our own community, to give hope to those that have none and I don't feel guilty at all.
Thanks for the space offered, I hope DrSocial will be one of the huge donors in the next future.

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